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Understanding the Adoption Process

After you have determined to grow your family through adoption, understanding the adoption process is important. Here are next steps to take.

Get Equipped

Understanding the complex needs of children who have been orphaned will better prepare you in growing your family through adoption. Learning more and equipping yourself about creating strong connections with your child and among your family are crucial as you begin the process of adoption. Thankfully, research related to early childhood trauma and its impact on attachment continues to grow, and from that, a number of helpful, practical resources and organizations are available to come alongside you on the adoption journey.

Finding an Agency

With more than 100 accredited adoption agencies in the U.S., researching and determining what agency best aligns with your family’s needs can be overwhelming. In an effort to help, we have provided important factors to consider in choosing an agency.

Funding Your Adoption

With the cost of adoption ranging between $25,000 and $50,000, most families believe this is practically out-of-reach for them. To alleviate the financial pressure, there are many resources available families may be able to utilize in the adoption process.

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