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How to Prepare

If a child has come into your family through adoption or foster care, he or she may have experienced a number of challenges that stem from his or her early history. Malnutrition, prenatal stress, abuse, neglect, and loss of a child’s family and culture of origin are all influences in early development. Early trauma, in any form, can impact a child physically and emotionally. As a parent, it is important to remain compassionate and ready to help your child navigate things that may trigger his or her early trauma.

How to Prepare Before Your Child Comes Home

A crucial first step in welcoming your child home is to anticipate and prepare for any attachment challenges your child may have. Successful attachment is hard work and most keenly gained when a parent can commit the time and intentionality necessary to connect to his or her child’s heart and early experience. This connection enables a child to gain an understanding of safety, acceptance, love, and stability and serves as a way to establish a foundation of hope and healing.

Think about the potential ways in which your child’s early history can impact his or her reactions and ability to navigate emotions. This includes being attentive and sensitive to environments that might be overwhelming to your child. Be prepared and willing as a parent to consider what you may be contributing to that environment. 

And finally, remember that you are not alone in this. There are others who understand and appreciate the unique challenges and joys that adoption can bring and can offer meaningful support and guidance.

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