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What Are the Barriers to Adoption?

While the adoption journey is worthwhile, it is important to be aware you will likely encounter barriers.


The average cost of adoption can range between $25,000 and $50,000. That is outside the financial reach of most families. Grants and other forms of funding are available, but determining how to cover the cost of the adoption process is something to consider if you move forward.

Learn more about Show Hope’s Adoption Aid program.


Many children who have been orphaned live with mild to acute healthcare needs requiring access to medical and therapeutic intervention. In some cases, this can present challenges in processing a child’s adoption file. And once home, rising medical costs and access to treatment can be overwhelming for families.

Learn more about Show Hope's Medical Care grants. 


Many do not take action to care for orphans because they are unaware of the crisis or feel helpless to do anything about it. When people are equipped with knowledge of the issues and an awareness of the work being done, anyone can help change lives.

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