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What Are My Expectations?

It is helpful to enter into this journey with realistic expectations about adoption, a full understanding of the adoption process, and an openness to learn about and embrace the needs of your future child. Understanding these components will allow you to more effectively care for your child in their journey.

First and foremost, pray about your decision. Ask if this is the right path for you or if there are other important ways you are uniquely gifted to care for waiting children.

Before you move forward, explore your motivation for pursuing adoption and how your own history could impact your parenting. Understanding the “why” in this decision will allow you to more effectively meet the needs of your child as you move forward.

Spend time thinking through your expectations for adoption as well as for your future child. Are these expectations realistic? How will these expectations affect your future child? These are important elements to wrestle with as both could impact the way your child views his/her value and identity.

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